How to make an apple pie

As of this writing I have spent 2 years living in Amsterdam. Among many other things, this means that I have eaten a lot of apple pie. It’s unlikely that you can find a coffee shop (a normal one, that sells coffee) not serving apple pie, and most of the time being delicious.

So after all this time in Holland I thought I should give it a try and make my own. The problem was that I had no idea about baking so I started googling it, and after a lot of searching I found this recipe from foodnouveau for an Amsterdam-style apple pie that seemed indeed brilliant.
After following it twice so far I have to say that it is absolutely stunning!

In fact I liked it so much that on the second attempt I decided to film it and make a quick video of making the process to share with family and friends.

And without further ado, here it is:

If I could make it, you can make. So if you like apple pie, definitely give this recipe a try.


November in Oslo and Copenhagen

In mid-November 2013 I visited Oslo and Copehagen, where I spent 2 days in each city, and this post is a photo narration of how I spent and enjoyed my time.

Screenshot 2014-05-25 00.44.41

Day 1 – Tuesday Nov 19

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20 thousand meters of Camino

My September 2013 ended in Spain where I visited a friend who at the time lived in Viana, Navarre next to the Basque Country.

I’ve got to say that it’s been one of the most local feelings I’ve had in my excursions lately – real Spain, the real thing.

Although Viana is on the Camino De Santiago, making it quite known to the pilgrims walking the Way of St. James and looking an albergue (hostel) to spend the night, it’s not a regular tourist’s destination whatsoever.

Thursday – arriving

We arrived late in the evening so we went out for a quick stroll in Viana’s narrow streets
Viana, Spain

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Spending a day in Cambridge, UK

Recently a friend asked me for some suggestions as to where a few hours in Cambridge would be nice to be spent.
I’ve only been there a couple of times which is certainly not enough to give advice, but the below are some of the routes I would walk and places that I would visit again, should I find my way to this great town again (see a map with the routes here or by clicking on the screenshot below).

Routes in Cambridge

Both times I’ve been there (summers of 2011 and 2013, and pictures below come from both periods) the hotels I stayed at were around Parker’s Piece, so I picked that as a starting point, plus if it’s sunny (or at least not raining) the view can be quite pleasant.

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